For July Newsletter

For July Newsletter   Cencon Update: The Sheriff Department reported a number of robberies in Centennial, including prostitution, child pornography and drug arrests. Sexual predators appear to becoming more numerous—the predators pretend to be a teenage boy and starts up a relationship with a nieve, unknowing teenage girl on a popular computer site.  The “boy” [...]

Part of July Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter for The Tiffany Homeowners Association • A Covenant Protected Community Vol. 09 No. 07 July 2014 Wood chipping at the park on Memorial Day. Circulation: 175 Photos From Around The Neighborhood From Roberta Allen Dumpster Day in Tiffany. Who are these guys anyway???? SHEL’S LESS THAN IMPORTANT, SOMETIMES HUMOROUS &, ON OCCASION, SOME [...]

Board Minutes 6/14

Tiffany HOA Board Minutes June 18, 2014 6:38   (Originally the meeting was set to meet in the park but storm started and the meeting was moved to 7456 S. Milwaukee Way.  Sign of changed meeting location on entrance board to the park at 6:15.  Board meeting scheduled to start at 6:30.)   Present:  President [...]

Board Minutes4/14

Tiffany Homeowners Association   Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 4/1/2014 7:00 PM call to order               A Quorum of Board Members were present: Southglen Library                    Spiegelman, Huber, Greene, and Allen – present (Betsy Wood represented Tom Wood) COMMITTEE REPORTS: Maintenance: The playground was inspected by Matt, minor repairs were recommended. The fence was stained prior to winter [...]