Treasure Report October 2014

Treasurer’s Report Enclosed in this newsletter you will find the Proposed Budget for 2015.  Please review it.  Its approval will be voted on at the Annual Meeting in November.   We continue to operate in the black.  We have not had a dues increase since 2006.  And there doesn’t seem to be any foreseeable need for [...]

October Newsletter 2014

Monthly Newsletter for The Tiffany Homeowners Association • A Covenant Protected Community Vol. 09 No. 10 Announcements There are two open seats for the Board of Directors this year. John Huber will be retiring this year. Roberta Allen will be run- ning for a second term. If you would like to run for a seat [...]

Board Agenda for Oct. 1 Meeting

Final preparation for our Annual meeting in November Report from Roberta and John re: HOA in service Report from Tom from HOA in service (a different training from above) Report from meeting with HOA attorney about bilaws and policies Roofing Issues Other issues may be added as we get closer to the meeting date.

Board Elections in November

There will be two positions opened for he Board of Directors in November.  If you are interested in running for the board, please contact any current board member so you name can be placed on the ballot.

Financial Records Defined

The Tiffany HOA has defined the following as our financial records: 1.  Yearly Budgets 2.  Profit and Loss Statements 3.  Income and Expenditure Reports 4.  Yearly Tax Returns 5.  Bank Statements