Board Minutes Dec 2014

Tiffany HOA Board Minutes December 10th, 2014 Burger King at 7:00 p.m.   Officers present:  Roberta Allen, Shel Spiegelman, John Huber, Matt Greene.  Tom Wood was excused.   Quorum was established   Director positions were agreed upon:  Roberta Allen, President, John Huber, Vice President, Matt Greene, Secretary, Shel Spiegelman, Treasurer, and Tom Wood, maintenance.   [...]

October 2014 Board Minutes

  10/1/14                                                              No homeowners were present. 7 PM call to order                              A Quorum of Board Members were present: at the Burger King meeting room         Spiegleman, Wood, Huber, and Allen – present Greene – excused                               September minutes were revised and approved.   COMMITTEE REPORTS: Maintenance: Denver Water insists we upgrade our backflow preventer valves [...]

Dec 2014 Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter for The Tiffany Homeowners Association • A Covenant Protected Community Vol. 09 No. 12 Thank You! A very big thank you to Jim Klutho for again handling the sign in table at our Annual Meeting. And another big thank you to Avis Downey and David Bennett for handling the vote table. Such a [...]

Annual Meeting Minutes 11/2014

Tiffany Homeowners Association   Annual Meeting Minutes 11/12/14                                                   18 homeowners were present (plus 24 proxies) 7:05 PM call to order                                A Quorum of Board Members were present* Southglenn Chamber of Commerce         All Board members were present.   *A quorum of the neighborhood (10% or more, per THOA bylaws) was present (only 16 [...]

Board Meeting on Dec. 10th Agenda

Notice:  Board Meeting, Wednesday, December 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the Burger King–Corner of Dry Creek and University.  Everyone welcome to attend.  Agenda so far includes:     ACC Issue:  Shed approval Roof lien in place? Officers for 2015—Does anyone want a different role? Update Neighborhood Directory Update our Web site Schedule to review bilaws/ [...]